Well-being sessions for animals. 

Animal welfare sessions are openned to each animal. Pets or more wild animals.

Animals have a different reaction from humans. It is therefore quite possible that the session lasts only half an hour instead of an hour.

Unlike humans, who need a full session, the animal chooses what they need. Generally the animal will come near us and leave when it has had its dose of energy.

Some animals may be surprised at the sensations if it is their first time.

No contraindications for energy sessions, except for manual techniques.

You can watch the first energy session' step vidéo : here

- Animal Reiki -

- Animal magnetism -

- Craniosacral Harmonization for animals -

- Bach flower advice for animals -

- Manual Techniques / Stretching-

* toutes ces pratiques ne se substituent pas à un avis/consultation vétérinaire.