Animal Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese term for "Intelligent" energy.


Rei means Spiritual Intelligence and Ki means Original Intelligence, that which circulates in us.


Reiki * is a natural treatment by affixing the hands which allows energy to circulate to balance body and mind.

  • What Reiki can do for your pet:

    • Strengthening the body and mind

    • Rediscover a joy of living.

    • Re- balance the circulation of energy in the body, ideal before / after physical activity, a session of manual techniques or stretching.

    • Reduction of stress and anxieties

    • Relieve certain ailments

    • etc ...

  • Duration

    • between 30min and 1h.

It depends on the will of the animal and its relationship to energy. If this is his first time the animal may be a little confused and 30 minutes will be acceptable for your animal. But this energetic practice can be requested by your pet and will therefore last longer. Maximum 1 hour.

  • Sensations

The sensations of reiki are multiple and are specific to each animal. The animal feels the energy much more than us because the mind in the animal is less present.

* Energy practice for non-therapeutic purposes. this practice does not replace traditional medicine.

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