Bach Flower Advice

The principle of Bach Flowers

Bach flowers act as a booster to help you feel better in your body and mind. With Bach Flowers we work like in an onion layer. We start working on the  most visible layer , the layer that you are ready to remove.

it is a tool which also intervenes in the framework of your personal development.

Bach Flowers don't changed your character.

  • What we can work with Bach Flowers

    • self-confidence,

    • Relieve stress, anxieties

    • Relieve addictions

    • Deaths

    • Love disappointments

    • Past traumas

    • The lack of letting go,

    • The allergies,

    • Recurrent illnesses.

    • Allow you to move forward, decision making,

    • ...

  • Duration

1 hour.


  • Bach Flowers session' steps:

    • 1st step: presentation of Bach Flowers and open discussion on what you want to work on

    • 2nd step: Selection of Bach Flowers

    • 3rd step: Elixir 'Preparation by you

  • The most after the session

    • The preparation of 30 ML (possibility of making 2 x21 days)

    • Personalized Bach Flowers booklet

    • A phone call for follow-up 2 weeks after the start of the intake.

    • A preferential rate if you wish to continue working with Bach Flowers

To deepen the work on yourself, I invite you to combine Bach Flowers with energy sessions. => think about the packages.

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